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 Zeph, the Branded.

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Zeph, the Branded. Empty
PostSubject: Zeph, the Branded.   Zeph, the Branded. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 6:00 am

Let's begin !

- The name's Zeph, a Branded
- I'm using bows and arrows to fight, then I'm a Sniper.
- My Personality ? People say I'm pretty pretentious and arrogant with strangers and enemies. And, when I had friends, I liked to tease them ~ but they said I'm too confident about myself and my ability...
But you know, I'm like this because laguz and beorc mistreated me because of my Brand. A strong personality helped me to survive.
- The origin of my Brand is raven's blood, by my father. Then, I'm from Kilvas, even if I'm just a wanderer now.
- I'm affiliated to the Wind element. This and my Brand increase my speed ~




PS : [Just one thing more. English isn't my first language, then, my english can be bad sometimes and I'm sorry for this. Don't hesistate to correct me.]
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Zeph, the Branded.
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